Thursday, June 10, 2010

These boots are made for walking


  1. dirty boots and no tie sir compan y orders for you my boy, face the door!!!

  2. thats all proper for terrain work sir
    since you havent been out of office for years
    you forgot what is mud, mosquitos and local maids

  3. true my memory isnt what it was,joys of old age,im afraid.but glad ive forgotten mud and moasquitos as for the other thing remmind me before it totaly slips my mind, office nice and warm why would i leave it leave the danger to you young chaps,i intend to die in nice comfy bed eventualy, no hurry though

  4. comfy office rats
    empire is crumbling , we are perishing here
    and you are thinking about nice bed???

  5. perishing,fine old english word sir accept immediate promotion,rats have left the sinking empire


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