Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day at the sea

Hi went fishing to the seaside yesterday. It looked very promising but apart from this little fish nothing wanted my offerings I was hoping for some beast from Hemingway's novel but , maybe next time. Still a great day out and nice to spend some time by the sea :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Esox

Today was a nice and warm day  here in Ljubljana. I couldn't miss such a day for winter fishing.
Tried popped up sardines on my new Fox sport fishing rod with Fin Nor offshore reel to give it a trial run. After barely fifteen minutes there was a nice zander hooked on sardines oily smell. Unfortunately I lost it just before landing. I threw half chewed sardine back in and in less than a pipe bowl there it was , nice run sound of the spool brake buzzing.
On the other end of the line was not maggot this time , nor corn grain but ferocious Pike . It turned out to be 73 cm long nice example of its species.
Poor bugger will be roasted tomorrow stuffed with herbs and butter and washed down with white vine. Next on to  Mr. Zander :)

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