Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Esox

Today was a nice and warm day  here in Ljubljana. I couldn't miss such a day for winter fishing.
Tried popped up sardines on my new Fox sport fishing rod with Fin Nor offshore reel to give it a trial run. After barely fifteen minutes there was a nice zander hooked on sardines oily smell. Unfortunately I lost it just before landing. I threw half chewed sardine back in and in less than a pipe bowl there it was , nice run sound of the spool brake buzzing.
On the other end of the line was not maggot this time , nor corn grain but ferocious Pike . It turned out to be 73 cm long nice example of its species.
Poor bugger will be roasted tomorrow stuffed with herbs and butter and washed down with white vine. Next on to  Mr. Zander :)


  1. sooooo looking forward to that meal tomorrow,
    lucky me

  2. Zoran, cestitam ti! postal si pravi profesionalec - ribic, tako kot si profesionalec v programih Nuke in Houdini...Rado

  3. Well done, looks like a good size. I've caught a couple of pike but never cooked and eaten one. Best wishes to you and Mojca from all in Camden. Mick

  4. Well done nice pike, it must be over 40years ago that i had a cooked pike, i think i have just about finished spitting out the bones, nice to see a man with a pipe ,as i use to smoke one filled with the dutch backy Clan, a pipe goes well with fishing ,both take time to master. regards Colin.

  5. thanks for replies
    well colin if you would have time to join in lunch yesterday I would have you convinced otherwise :)
    yes pipe and angling are good match
    i stuff mine with dunhill my mixture :)

    1. Nice catch mister Arizanovic! I norway we get some really giant pikes, but it not considered edible for some strange reason. Probably cause it resembles a crocodile :)
      But you should consider coming over here for some monster fishing

  6. Nicely done! And in only 15mins?! You sure he's not trained already?

  7. it must be one of your old mate. did you check holes in lips. maby it was a pike suicide. beutiful in some old fashon way.
    i wish i could see your face right after you pull it from a pond. Mr. Arizanovič i admire your talent


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